​To provide financial support to families of children who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Our mission is to provide these families with any necessary items that are not covered by insurance or easily affordable.  Emily's Ride holds this mission true, in the name of Emily Linneman, her spirit of battle, hope, perserverance and constant help of others

Although we have lost Emily with our eyes and ears, she is present with us daily, she is a force and a movement. She is a song that reminds us to do more, live lighter, laugh hard -  
but most of all love. We are constantly inspired by our chance to share moments with a hero that was greater in her short life than most people can ever hope to be at the end. We will take her love of Rock and Roll, motorcycles and service...We will carry on in her name, helping children in the unique way that she loved.  

             We will never forget, our fists will always be up. 

Our Vision

We made a quick visit to Mercy Hospital to meet 7 year old warrior “Sydney” from Hermann.  We also met her “mom” Dana Fulbright. We at Emily’s ride had been following her story on Facebook since remission last year. But were so saddened to hear her Cancer has returned recently for a 3rd time. She has Wilm’s tumor:  Diagnosed originally in March 2015. She has already had a kidney removed, multiple chemo treatments, multiple radiation treatments,  a stem cell transplant, and now a very painful tumor on her liver. Due to her body not being able to handle the last type of treatment, they are looking into alternatives. She has begun a chemo treatment locally, but she is eligible for a study/immunotherapy in Washington DC!!!   Sydney is in custody of her aunt and uncle, who go with her to her doctor’s visits and hospital stays, and are doing everything they can to support their family (2 more fostered children) and get Sydney back to a life without Cancer.

We absolutely knew Emily would want to help them with their travel costs or needs,  so we went by to make a $1000.00 donation. Also letting them know if they need anything else to please reach out to us. We asked if we could spread the word for possible other assistance and donations as we know from experience this family can use a lot of help with these travel expenses, and they were so happy we asked. PLEASE go visit and “Like” #SydneysSoldiers”on Facebook and help them in any way you can. (Link to Follow in next post) Read about her story and follow her journey. Even if it’s just praying for them every day, it’s a start.
 Thank you so much to all who donate and participate in Emily’s Ride events that help make this donation possible. Keeping our sweet Emily’s light and smile shining on others,  thanks to all of you. Much love and blessings to everyone.